She is the handbag that will accompany your guests on this special day. Personalized with fans, booklets, cones, water, handkerchiefs, and much more, it can be decorated or printed. Our wedding bags are designed and handmade in our workshop and enriched with details that will make them unique. If you prefer fabric bags instead, we can customize them with your logo. What are you waiting for? Give free rein to your creativity and create the perfect kit for your guests.

Remind your guests how important they are in the day of your event, with our hand-painted placeholders and napkins in our workshop. Useful to indicate where to sit once at the tables, in different formats and materials will enrich your mise en place.

Tableau, escort card and table signs are indispensable tools during the wedding banquet, they will help your guests to find the place assigned to them. In cardboard, on a stick, on a panel or adhesive, wood or plexiglass will reinterpret your wedding style in a unique way, transforming it into something interactive for your guests...

What makes your wedding cake so special? The cake topper customized in the style of your wedding. Made in our wood or plexiglass workshop, they will make your cake unique and original. Initials, logos, drawings, or your names ... you choose! the important thing is to create something unique and special for your most beautiful day. And in the same style you can make decorative wooden or plexiglass writing to decorate your candy table as you wish.

We have created these boxes, which will entertain children during your event. Special boxes handmade for you, Missprint design.

Se vuoi un progetto unico e realizzato su misura: Contattaci! Noi lo realizzaremo per te.

Se vuoi un progetto unico e realizzato su misura: Contattaci! Noi lo realizzaremo per te.